Phony IRS Scams You Should Know About

Do you know if someone is targeting you? Did you get a call or e-mail pretending to be from the IRS? Here's what to do with the IRS Scams

Now that tax season is over, this is the time when people usually receive letters and issues from the IRS. However, we now live in a world where we really don’t know who to trust. Usually, the types of scams that people pull are predictable, unrealistic, and somewhat easy to spot. Some of them are better than others, and that’s where we get concerned.

How They Target You

Some of the best scams out there are the IRS scams. Most often you receive a phone call saying you owe the IRS money and you have to make a payment and payment plan immediately. This is where you get suspicious, especially if you don’t owe the IRS. You think, I never got anything in the mail. That’s because you really don’t owe anything. BUT, let’s just say that you do. Now this scam seems a little more believable. No one wants their wages garnished, and when they threaten to have you arrested, can you really take that risk?

Spotting a Fake

Here’s the good news. The only way the IRS will reach out to you, in any case, is via mail. Everything will always be in writing. You will almost never receive:

  • A phone call with immediate demand for payment.
  • An email because of the amount of spam and scams that are out there.
  • A direct phone number to reach an agent’s extension. You are always contacting the department and waiting on hold (unless you’re being audited or trying to settle your tax debt).

Getting Help

Getting this type of communication from who you think is the IRS can be a very scary thing. If you are ever unsure about anything you have received, just call the IRS directly on their main line, 800-829-1040. We all hate doing it, but we all hate getting scammed too, but you may be on hold for a few hours if you get through at all. Your other option would be to speak with a tax professional who can help you determine if you actually have an issue to resolve, as well as how you should resolve it.

If you’ve gotten a call or notice and want to get a clear understanding of what you’re looking at, set up a consultation with us here at DH Financial, and one of our experts will be happy to give you some insight!

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