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We Offer Financial Education

Get Financial Advice From a Specialist

Find out how you can become more financially literate and successful with the help of DH Financial in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer financial classes and coaching services to anyone who wants to discover the best approaches to growing wealth, handling finances, and more.


Clean Up Your Past

The only way to truly fail is to quit. We’ll help you clean up your finances, find a path forward, and stay on that path until successful.

Track Your Present

Managing your finances is not easy, and having someone help you stay accountable can be the key to your success.

Change your future

We’ll help you maximize your finances so you can achieve your goals and learn how to maintain your success.

Step 1: The Snapshot

To get started, we'll need you to obtain a copy of your credit reports, and get a good idea of what your household income and spending totals are monthly. We'll walk you through these steps so we can paint a picture of your current financial situation through our FREE Consultation.

Step 2: The Plan

We’ll review all of your accounts with you and begin to develop a specific plan which focuses on your specific financial circumstances. That plan can include settling debt, negotiation, and money management techniques that anyone can follow, with a little help.

Step 3: The Coaching

We will help you to implement and execute the plan to its fullest, so you can achieve the optimal benefits. We are extremely confident that by successfully fulfilling our role in steps 1 and 2, your results will be tangible. More importantly, you'll be on a path to sustainable success.

“Love Challenges, Be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort and keep on learning.”

– Carol Dweck